The Tiger by the Lake

Green grass and watery lakes,
Beside the shore and lazy streams,
Long snoozes the Tiger takes.
Do you think the Tiger dreams?

Chirping birds and fishing storks,
Noisy waters made by crocs
The stripes swirl on the bank
As he turns to the other flank.

The Tiger by the Lake.
The tiger by the lake.

Soon he rises, as the sun sets,
Begins another night of treks
One area of his territory to patrol
Off goes the Tiger on a stroll

Owls hoot as night falls
Keep your ears open and hear his calls
The magnificent Tiger, his footsteps sure,
Walks about the forest of Ranthambhore.

Written by Hajra Ahmad
Photograph from the Sher Bagh archives.

6 thoughts on “The Tiger by the Lake

    1. Thank you Rich! This is the Star Male, did you see him while you were here? He is one of the prime males of Ranthambhore and often seen around the lakes hence I thought it fitting to call him the Tiger by the Lake! :)

  1. You have a beautiful way with words Haj. You draw us a lovely picture of this magnificent animal. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Ayesha, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!! Perhaps it is time for you to come back and see one for yourself!

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