Dinner in Delhi, Breakast in the Bush!

Changing times and tight schedules have meant shorter and shorter safaris. Three days would have been unthinkable back in the day; the norm being at least a couple of months and that too after many months of planning. Today, it is possible to have Dinner in Delhi, and Breakfast in the Bush!

An overnight flight from New Delhi to Nairobi followed by a short hop from Nairobi into the airfield at Mara North, is painless and surprisingly convenient.

Within just 15 minutes of landing on the ‘bush’ strip, and a few delicious Scotch Eggs down, we chanced upon the resident male Leopard of the area also breakfasting – albeit up a tree and on a freshly killed Impala!


In the 3 days that followed, we had multiple sightings of big cats; 50 different Lions – the Elephant Pepper Camp Pride which has now soared to 29, The famous Marsh Pride of 15, two solitary females, and a mating couple who had reportedly spent the better part of a week together.


We tracked a coalition of three young Cheetahs, whom we photographed stalking, charging and successfully killing a male Thompson’s Gazelle in the middle of the day! Before hungry Hyenas and vultures found their way to the kill, the three adolescents gobbled up their venison-lunch and retired for a siesta in a croton bush, escaping the searing East-African sun.


We saw Marshall Eagles trying to swoop down on suckling Warthog piglets, African Fish Eagles fighting over a kill, Tawny eagles feasting and numerous other raptors.


Large herds of buffalo chose to graze the patch around our tent most nights! And, we fell asleep listening to Lions roaring in the distance. On our last day we found two male cheetahs hunting, unsuccessfully, near our camp. We even managed to see a herd of Wildebeest cross the Mara River, heading south into the Serengeti in search of greener pastures…


A short, action-packed safari!


Written and Photographed by Jaisal Singh

INFORMATION: To book, contact reservations@sujanluxury.com. Yellow-fever vaccinations are mandatory to visit Kenya and need to be taken at least two-weeks before you date of return. Once taken, they are valid for ten years. They have to be administered at a Government clinic. It is recommended to import your vaccination through a reputed pharmacy and carry it with you for the doctor to administer. Visas can be obtained on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for US$50. The sales representative at SUJAN shall be able to give you more detailed information.

2 thoughts on “Dinner in Delhi, Breakast in the Bush!

  1. Jaisal there is no reason why low-impact, high value tourism should not be the order of the day in India too. The only proviso would be to change the relationship between such facilities and the people living around the park. As I see it, farmers should be able to profit from wildlife tourism and this will only happen if they form cooperatives, supported by lodge owners, so that farms abutting the park, say Ranthambhore, are allowed to return to forest status. Here, in parcels of land ranging from 500 to 5,000 acres, it should be possible for visitors to replicate the Africa experiences, while the farmers (no ecosystem farmers) profit from every such visit.

  2. These are incredible pictures Jaisal. Some of them are breathtaking! Just a small thought.. These pictures would be magnificent if printed and put on walls decorating a gallery in major airports in India and other popular hot spots. I m positive people will want to have the African experience. In addition, if we can do the same with the wonderful picture collection you and Anjali have of Sherbhag and Serai and publish them in major north american airports or hotspots in US (magnificent mile in chicago downtown) or other popular places, I m positive many nature admirers would want to have an experience of the total India package and it will be a compelling proposition. Serai is truly a world class place, which has intricate showings of both your passion and needs to be projected more in North America and Europe.
    Hopefully I will get the opportunity and time to take my family one of these days in the near future to this amazing experience in Africa and also to Sherbhag. Cheers, Vish

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