Harvesting Time at JAWAI

The afternoons at JAWAI Leopard Camp are glorious. As the sun starts to descend over the dam, dipping beautifully over the immense granite kopjes, mesmerising light is thrown throughout the floodplain. It is here that the local villagers are feverishly working away at harvesting the mature wheat. I have watched with interest, over the last three weeks, how the wheat has gently changed from a dark green to a rich gold colour. It is at this time of the day that our search for leopard is often momentarily put on halt. Out the car we hop and camera settings changed; picture perfect scenes play out in front of the lens…

Enjoy rural India in the ‘Harvest Time’

blog.Harevesting wheat colours men standing
blog.Harvesting heat colours cropped girls
blog.Harvesting whaet into sun
blog.Harvesting wheat colours lady smiling
blog.Harvesting wheat colours
blog.Harvesting wheat girls walking colours
blog.Harvesting wheat old lady
blog.Harvesting wheat staring lady
blog.Rabari walking perfect light

Written and photographed by Adam Bannister

One thought on “Harvesting Time at JAWAI

  1. Beautifully shot…..almost looks like a fashion shoot !
    You have to love the bright colours of the headresses and the completely impractical, but strikingly contrasting, white workwear. It leads one to wonder at the extraordinary diversity of the Indian landscape and contemplate the intriguing differences with Africa.

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