Guest Blog – Flame of the Forest

They say there is a flame in the forest
They say it is visible through fog and tempest
The flame etches and spills
And fires inside of you
It burns with tiger eyes
And butterfly wings
The flame grows as the
Tailorbird sings
And labors like anthills
Is joyous like elephant baths
In fact, the flame is the forest.

There is a flame in the forest
It might escape the eye of the naturalist
–But those that know it will see it—
and with it make a secret tryst
an invisible thread around your wrist
But should you leave
Without its heave
Do not bereave
For you will sense its light
Itself will ignite
On a lonesome night
When you least expect it
It’ll set things right.

There is a flame in the forest
And it will enter
Through the opening in your centre
In the forest there is a flame
You felt it through fog and rain
And though you’ll want to claim
That you want to remain
With the flame
The flame will return to you
And this is the end of this refrain.

Written by Himali Singh Soin

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