Tiger! Tiger! A New Season at Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore

As the temperatures slowly start to drop, so approaches the opening of the new Tiger Season in India. We at SUJAN’s Sher Bagh are delighted to announce that we will be opening our doors for the 15th year. During the closed period we have done some refurbishment’s and changes which we know you will love. For now, however, let us focus on the tigers. It is estimated that this season there are over 50 tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, and statistically speaking Ranthambhore must be one of the best parks in the world to see a wild Tiger. Our guides are experienced, professional and enthusiastic – we can promise that they will go all out to give you the best possible chance to see the biggest cat on earth. If that were not enough to convince you then maybe the fact that this season there are currently at least 8 cubs in Ranthambhore. Whilst we know that nothing in nature can be planned, this season, the chances of seeing a tiger cub are as good as ever!




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The best tiger viewing in India – Photograph by Jaisal Singh

Each year Sher Bagh continues to grow and improve, but always remains true to its essence of being a family run camp. If you have never seen a tiger in the wild, or are a die-hard tiger fan, stay at SUJAN’s Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore for a unique and luxurious safari experience.


Photographed and filmed by Jaisal Singh, Anjali Singh and Adam Bannister
Edited by Adam Bannister

4 thoughts on “Tiger! Tiger! A New Season at Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore

  1. Wow Ad! What wonderful footage, put together so expertly, to make Ranthambore just irresistable.
    I cant wait to see, first hand, the fabulous destinations that Sujan have carefully assembled. Loved the video. Have sent it on for others to enjoy.

  2. Hi Adam

    Great photos. Makes me really envious. Wish I was back in Ranthambore.

    Tigers are so precious and rare. How can they be protected for future generations?

    1. Hello Beryl
      It would be great to have you back at Ranthambhore. I was not the one to take them as I am currently at SUJAN’s other wildlife property called JAWAI Leopard Camp. Both camps are incredible. The Indian government is doing a lot towards tiger conservation and the tiger numbers in Ranthambhore this season are very healthy. I hope you are well – Adam Bannister

  3. Hi Adam
    what an amazing place – I really hope we get to go there one day! You seem to be living such an exciting and fulfilling life! Well done – I am sure your family is very proud of both you and Simon.
    Love from all of us
    Hymie & Zoe

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