The SUJÁN Organic Kitchen Gardens

The Organic Gardens at each of our SUJAN properties are blossoming with delicious fresh produce as we begin the season with a burst of yummy vegetables, salads and herbs.

Across SUJAN, our emphasis on the use of fresh, home grown ingredients is very important in terms of delivering the best possible guest experience. This is evident in all our recipes. A quiet corner of each property is dedicated to an Organic Herb and Vegetable Garden where guests can learn about our organically grown produce, pick the ingredients they wish to include in their meals or simply walk amongst simple the beauty of it all.

Each garden boasts a cultivation of rarely procurable exotic produce, and of course, popular indigenous ingredients too. We pride ourselves on the creation of our gardens in what is essentially an arid landscape and we invite you all to enjoy its offerings!

Morning light over The Serai Organic Garden
Morning light over The Serai Organic Garden

From the beginning of this season we are offering our guests the experience of dining amidst this deliciously verdant space. At The Serai, one of our Relais & Chateaux property’s, our team has been setting beautiful dining tables under one of our pergola tents much to the delight of our guests.

Breakfast in the Organic Garden
Breakfast in the Organic Garden
Our dedicated Gardening Team are on hand to walk you through what’s growing

For ‘Breakfast in the Kitchen Garden’ our chefs are able to serve fresh eggs from our own free-range & rare breed chicken, and rustle up delicious Indian Paranthas, Omlettes, home-made juices and Salads from the freshest ingredients plucked right in front of your eyes!

All our salad we serve is proudly grown from our gardens

Bon Apetit!

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