Between Tigers & Palaces: A Week in Pictures

One of the most delicious and satisfying itineraries available to travellers in Rajasthan over the next two weeks combines the languor and ease of palace life in Jaipur with exhilarating, adrenalin-pumping thrills in Ranthambhore National Park, just three hours away. Join us, as we to and fro between SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur and Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore on a visual merry-go-round this week.


Read all about how summers make for magnificent game viewing in the heart of Ranthambhore National Park, just three hours out of Jaipur in our previous blog here.


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A young tiger, panting in the heat makes its way to a pool, deep in the Park. Visitors scanning the many waterbodies around the park are highly likely to come across the Park’s apex predator “at bay”. Photograph by Anjali Singh
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With several tigresses busy with motherhood, the chances of seeing families of the big cats are very high in summer due to fewer waterholes around.
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Difficult though it is to imagine but you could be in the wilds of India’s finest tiger habitat in time for luncheon, and on a sighting of some iconic species within minutes of entering the National Park. Leopards are plentiful in Ranthambhore too and being sighted more frequently than ever before.
A Pond Heron takes its chances for a meal at a stream. A resident of most of north India, this species of Heron is a common sight in Ranthambhore and a very good indicator of the health of the water systems which flow through these dry forests. Photograph by Anjali Singh


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While the summer reduces cover, as well as the availability of water, Ranthambhore has several perennial (and famous) water-bodies in its forests which make for excellent game viewing as they attract a whole host of species, not least of all the tigers themselves. Photograph by Anjali Singh
Entrance to RMP
Following your safari and a few days out in the bush you can always choose to head back to Jaipur and palace life for a few nights, following in the tracks of the Maharajas of yore who ventured to Ranthambhore on getaways and returned, spoilt with adventure, ready for some well deserved rest.

SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace is an oasis in the heart of Rajasthan’s bustling capital. A place to rest, dine, saunter around and examine a living tapestry of rich history.
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The palace also makes for a great pit-stop on the way to Sher Bagh, perhaps for a palace luncheon or just a quick bite to break journey between Delhi and Ranthambhore. Photograph by Hajra Ahmad
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Tea is served at the Kennedy Suite in SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace. Our guests en route to Sher Bagh often stop by at the palace for a night or two to put their feet up before venturing into the wild. Photograph by Hajra Ahmad


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