A Week in Pictures: The Last of the Summer Stripes

Last week, Ranthambhore National Park closed for the season. Our blog this week shares some snapshots of the end of the summer. The last week was an exciting one, in terms of sightings and images, and the incredible interactions we witnessed. Days before the annual closing – for the monsoon – we received news that Brat, (T19) had been spotted with a new litter of four cubs (her third litter). We cannot wait to see her and her brood once the rains have abated and Ranthambhore is ready to receive visitors again, come October. The residents of the Park now await the monsoons and the dry foliage is almost creaking for rain. We leave you with a few images of some of the resident tigers, taken on our last drives into the Park.


One of T60’s three cubs. The family, firmly resident in their patch of the forest currently, will likely separate and go their own ways over the monsoon. We look forward to seeing them next season, embedded in their own territories. Photograph by Yusuf Ansari.
A drowsy T57 looks at the camera for the last shot of the day. This male, currently in his prime has established himself in aplomb across his territories and shares the space with two other tiger families. As younger tigers move in, will he be able to hold on to his turf? We cant wait to find out what happens next season. Photograph by Yusuf Ansari.
Noor (T39) and her family of three (all females) has offered some fantastic sightings over the course of the last season. At a few months short of their first year, they will still be accompanying their mother next season. Whether they turn into prolific hunters like their mother, remains to be seen. Photograph by Yusuf Ansari.
The normally elusive T41, Junglee gave us a few more sightings this year and on one of our last drives of the season, we had a good visual of her otherwise reclusive cub at water too. As her only cub, the young tiger is in robust health and very soon, we expect, will be making kils of his own. Photograph by Yusuf Ansari.
Arrowhead continued her reign over the lake territories throughout the season, having eased out her mother (T19) over the course of the last year. Indications are she may herself been on the road to motherhood. For now she has inherited and kept this prime piece of Ranthambhore’s real estate firmly under her control, following in the line of some of Ranthambhore’s legendary matriarch’s, including Macchli, her grandmother. Photograph by Yusuf Ansari.
Pacman had a rough ride this year with prolonged territorial competition between him and other dominant males, including Star male (T28). We ended the season with him holding on to the heights over the lake territories but it remains to be seen whether the young male, now into his prime, will expand his territories in the coming year. Photograph by Yusuf Ansari


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