JAWAI: a week in photos

Sena Male and Jeewda Female Silhouette
A silhouette of two mating leopards. We followed these two leopards for around two and a half hours as they mated and vocalised to each other. I always wanted a photo of a leopard silhouetted by the evening sun and to get two in the picture was extremely satisfying. Photograph by William Asquith.


Sena Male and Jeewda Female Mating
Male leopards would on average mate with the female once every 10-15 minutes. Here, we had found the two leopards in the morning sun roaming around together. Photograph by Vedant Thite.
Sena Male and Jeewda Female Mating 2
Two leopards having a little spat in their mating ritual. We found these two leopards totally focused on each other and seemingly oblivious to me and my guests observing them with awe. Photograph by Vedant Thite.


Sena Male and Jeewda Female Mating 3
Courting leopards would on average be seen together for around 5-7 days. We had the luxury of watching these two together for a whole week before they parted ways. Photograph by Vedant Thite.


oriental honey buzzard
I found this oriental honey buzzard sitting at the top of a Neem Tree. The characteristic bright honey-yellow eye beautifully contrasts against the light blue background. Photograph by Vedant Thite.
Rabari with a new born goat
A rabari carries a newly born goat, not even a day old, as he takes his goats out to graze. Rabaris hold a very unique relationship with their livestock as, traditionally, they shepherded them around the whole of India following the rains and water supply and would carry any young kids unable to keep up with the flock. Nowadays, a large community have settled around Jawai and have gifted us with wonderful sights such as this one. Photograph by Vedant Thite.


woman crrying fodder
In the evening light, a woman escorts her cattle to the pen while carrying on her head, fodder for the cows to eat and ruminate on overnight. Often when we go on our wilderness drives, we will see in the evening stunning scenes of village life such as this one. Photograph by Vedant Thite.
Rabari at Jeewda Mata temple
Two rabaris offering incense and coconuts to their ancestors. In India, family is hugely important with whole villages considering themselves as one family. Photograph by Vedant Thite.

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