JAWAI: This week in photos

A sub-adult male leopard is captured roaming the area as he tries to establish a territory for himself. Photograph by William Asquith.
A surprise visit. A 13 year old dominant male leopards surprises our guests with a visit having been AWOL for about a year. Photograph by Vedant Thite.
A resident mother leopard looks out beyond the cave for any intruding leopards coming into her territory. Photograph by Vedant Thite.


Rare sight of two. One of our resident females lying very comfortably as a male watches from below. Photograph by William Asquith.
A male leopard lies in the shade escaping the hot summer sun before moving into the cave. Photograph by William Asquith.


A new intruder male hides himself from an protective mother leopard as he scans for a safe escape route. Photograph by Vedant Thite.


Silhouetted against the evening light, this Sarus Crane flies off chasing the sunset. These magnificent birds are one of the tallest birds in India reaching a staggering height of 170cm. Photograph by William Asquith.
Spotted! The beautiful yellow eyes of this spotted owlet stands out from the grey as it perches on a dhok tree. Photograph by William Asquith.

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