SUJÁN Sher Bagh: This week in photos

Author: Katya Ignatiev


A second surprise. I have to confess that I didn’t see him right away. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.


Through the dense jungle canopy, we were lucky enough to watch two of T19’s cubs. Coming onto a year old, these cubs have been a joy to photograph as they become more and more confident by the day. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.
Cooling off in a cavernous crack, T39’s female cub is often sighted alone as she prepares for her independence. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.


T19 quenches her thirst in a hot summer evening. These water bodies are a life support to all animals, both prey and predator, especially in the rising summer temperatures. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.
Finding a bit of shade in a welcoming patch of grass, T41’s male cub inquisitively gazes across a cool oasis. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.


Paused in time. T41’s Male Cub caught yawning. What I particularly love about this photo is the drop of water suspended in the middle of his gaping mouth. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.


A rare sighting of a couple of male jungle bush quail sitting out in the open. These tiny birds measuring only 17cm long and regularly hide out in thick grassy runs. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.
A beady eyed scops owl comfortably perches in a tree cavity. With his feathers mimicking the tree itself, this bird has the perfect camouflage. Photograph by Katya Ignatiev.

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