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Delhi with an iPhone

Carrying a large DSLR camera whilst exploring a foreign city is not always practical. It makes you stand out (more so than you would already) and draws unwanted attention. In my opinion a big camera can also create a little bit of tension and can create an immediate barrier when meeting and interacting with locals. I spent last Sunday, map in hand, walking around Old Dehli. I was alone and did not feel like carrying my camera…so I charged up my iPhone and decided to snap a few shots of my memorable day. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Enjoy my day in Delhi… Read More Delhi with an iPhone »

Why I have returned to JAWAI!

After a lengthy break back home in South Africa I have returned for another season with SUJAN in India. I so enjoyed my first season helping set up, run and develop JAWAI that I simply had to return for more. Currently I am based in the head offices in Delhi helping out with odds and ends with regards to all the camps, but my heart is set on returning to JAWAI. Read More Why I have returned to JAWAI! »

The Mara in Black and White

There is something special about black and white photography. Perhaps by removing the colours you remove distractions, forcing the viewer to focus on the contents of the picture and the story that it is attempting to portray? Read More The Mara in Black and White »

Whooping and Roaring

Elephant Pepper Camp happens to be situated smack bang in the middle of prime lion habitat! Vast grasslands surround the luxury-tented camp for as far as the eye can see. Large herds of Wildebeest, Zebra, Topi and gazelle are dotted all over: plenty of food for Africa’s apex predator. So much food in fact that this area houses a lion pride that last month numbered over 25 individuals! Read More Whooping and Roaring »

Elephant Pepper Camp – Sustainability Warriors

After spending a week at Elephant Pepper Camp, in the Mara North Conservancy of Kenya, I can tell you that my biggest, and greatest surprise has been the incredibly low footprint of this camp. With ten perfectly sized and very comfortable tents the camp is tucked away into a small treed glade bordering on a gigantic wildebeest and zebra inundated grassland. Read More Elephant Pepper Camp – Sustainability Warriors »

Sandgrouse Magic

Although we may be called ‘JAWAI Leopard Camp’ we are the first to appreciate and enjoy all the smaller animals, which call this marvelous landscape home. It’s not all about the big stuff. A safari experience here at JAWAI is so diverse and layered…it is a cultural, historical and ecological journey. Read More Sandgrouse Magic »

Harvesting Time at JAWAI

The afternoons at JAWAI Leopard Camp are glorious. As the sun starts to descend over the dam, dipping beautifully over the immense granite kopjes, mesmerising light is thrown throughout the floodplain. It is here that the local villagers are feverishly working away at harvesting the mature wheat. I have watched with interest, over the last three weeks, how the wheat has gently changed from a dark green to a rich gold colour. It is at this time of the day that our search for leopard is often momentarily put on halt. Out the car we hop and camera settings changed; picture perfect scenes play out in front of the lens… Read More Harvesting Time at JAWAI »