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Diwali in Tiger Country

The day started with a feeling of celebration in the air. All the staff were exceptionally chirpy and every corner you turned you were wished “Shub Diwali” (Happy Diwali). Sweets were a main feature of the day with staff recieving vast boxes of Mithai (a selection of confectionary and desserts) and everyone who came through the gates was greeted with Sohan Papri, a crisp and flaky textured sweet. Read More Diwali in Tiger Country »

A Wonderful Start to Sher Bagh’s 15th Season!

The SUJAN family reached a milestone this month as Sher Bagh was re-opened to celebrate it’s 15th season in Ranthambhore. To mark the occasion, Jaisal & Anjali Singh decided to take this opportunity to re-launch Sher Bagh and take the camp to an even higher level of comfort and luxury for their family, friends and guests. Over the summer the teams have been hard at work and visitors to the camp B this year will find it has had a complete make over. Enjoy newly designed tents, each with extended bathrooms, larger living space and eye catching new upholstery designed by Anjali Singh and hand embroidered by her team of incredibly skilled artisans. Spacious, light and even more comfortable than before they have already been a big hit with guests! Read More A Wonderful Start to Sher Bagh’s 15th Season! »

Tiger! Tiger! A New Season at Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore

As the temperatures slowly start to drop, so approaches the opening of the new Tiger Season in India. We at SUJAN’s Sher Bagh are delighted to announce that we will be opening our doors for the 15th year. During the closed period we have done some refurbishment’s and changes which we know you will love. For now, however, let us focus on the tigers. It is estimated that this season there are over 50 tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, and statistically speaking Ranthambhore must be one of the best parks in the world to see a wild Tiger. Our guides are experienced, professional and enthusiastic – we can promise that they will go all out to give you the best possible chance to see the biggest cat on earth. If that were not enough to convince you then maybe the fact that this season there are currently at least 8 cubs in Ranthambhore. Whilst we know that nothing in nature can be planned, this season, the chances of seeing a tiger cub are as good as ever! Read More Tiger! Tiger! A New Season at Sher Bagh, Ranthambhore »

The other mother

While the legendary Machhli (T16) is celebrated the world over as the quintessential queen mother of Ranthambhore and global concern over her advancing age and failing health has reached obsessive and hysterical proportions, there is another Grande Dame that is quietly writing her own chapter in the history book of Ranthambhore tigers. Read More The other mother »

Sher Bagh’s Tigers of Ranthambhore – T41

Lithe bodies that flex athleticism in their slightest movement, kohl-lined eyes which bore through your frame and a visage that arrests the most confident onlooker into awe inspired paralysis is the effect these magnificent creatures have on all those who chance upon them. Read More Sher Bagh’s Tigers of Ranthambhore – T41 »

The Big Cats of the World

Everyone has a dream! The thought of a personal accomplishment that drives them forward. A little something that sits in the back of your mind and ultimately influences your every decision. Some want to be rich and famous, others want to build a house, conquer the highest peaks, sail the seas or have a family… Read More The Big Cats of the World »

Balancing Practical Conservation Solutions

The Asiatic lion needs a second home, so they can be kept secure from any possible epidemic breakout in the present single habitat of Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat. After various field surveys a team of wildlife scientists proposed Kuno Wildlife sanctuary as a second home for them. Of late, lions have become a topic of great debate within the wildlife world, when the apex court directed the Gujarat government to introduce lions in the new proposed home within a six month period. Read More Balancing Practical Conservation Solutions »

The Tigers of Sher Bagh

So I thought that I would just include a couple of pictures I took over my stay at Sher Bagh in an attempt to show not only how beautiful these cats are, but also to convey how well you could potentially see them. Obviously the more time you dedicate to the cause, and the longer you stay for, the more chance you have of a tiger sighting. During my time as a nature guide/game ranger in South Africa I used to tell my guests that the only way to find an animal is to get out into the bush…the same holds true here! The more time in the jungle, the more chance you have of seeing a tiger. A combination of skill, knowledge, patience, persistence and lady luck! Read More The Tigers of Sher Bagh »

Getting THE Tiger Shot

One of the reasons of me visiting Sher Bagh was to try producing a short promotional video for the lodge. The challenge was condensing this magical space and place into a short, hard-hitting, fun, energetic and accurate three-minute video. Now, I can tell you that to tell the story of Sher Bagh, in three minutes, is quite honestly impossible, but I was sure I could paint a good picture on the experience one would have, and the energy one would experience on a visit. Read More Getting THE Tiger Shot »

My First Tiger!

Those of you who know me, or have read my numerous posts, written from the heart of the Kruger National Park, South Africa, will know that I am a lion man. At the end of 2013 I even managed to have my first iBook published entitled ‘The Lions of Londolozi’. I truly believe that I am part lion. A fascination of their relationships, behaviour, evolution, physique, size and beauty drove me to research and write about a particular pride of lions over a two-year period. Images, sound, film, family trees and text convey the true story of the Lion King! My research directed me towards other texts on big cats worldwide: jaguar, snow leopard, leopard and most impressively the tiger. Read More My First Tiger! »