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The Migration

The migration is now in full swing and dusty herds of wildebeest pass camp on a daily basis – often at quite some pace! It’s quite something to enjoy afternoon tea in Elephant Pepper Camp’s beautiful shaded mess tent and watch them all fly by. Read More The Migration »

Ranthambhore Rain : The Monsoon at Sher Bagh Ranthambhore.

The Indian Monsoon is an agent of change; of regeneration and rebirth. As the rains pound Ranthambhore’s earth, breathlessly waiting for showers, the foliage and flora undergo a hair-trigger response to the advent. The Dhok trees sprout emerald leaves, the grasses turn green shedding their yellow-brown hues and the denizens of the forest employ themselves in reaping Nature’s bounty, gathered all around Ranthambhore. This week we bring you a selection of images from our archives that capture vistas of the Park, just as the first rains hit Ranthambhore and before it closed for the season… Read More Ranthambhore Rain : The Monsoon at Sher Bagh Ranthambhore. »