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What the camera trap caught #3

After the phenomenal success that the camera traps have been providing, I decided to change the location and try and cover some other areas on the same rock. Check out some of the new images… Read More What the camera trap caught #3 »

A new beginning

Life in a new-born camp is fascinating. Watching it develop, take form and flourish is truly exciting in every sense of the word. There is something refreshing about having to learn about new landscapes, making bird lists, investigating the plants, squinting over unknown insects, creating roads, drawing maps by hand and ultimately learning to interpret an entirely new world. For me, it is the most wonderful of challenges and I have loved sharing my experiences with the many guests that have visited us already. Read More A new beginning »

What the Camera Trap Caught #1

In trying to come to terms with all the action that happens in the area surrounding JAWAI Leopard Camp, we have recently put a few camera traps up in cleverly chosen areas. It’s quite fun to walk around looking for potential hotspots of animal activity. We use game-trails, scrapes, droppings, pugmarks and other tell-tale signs as clues on where the areas are that the animals are using. The cameras have the potential to teach us too about behaviour and movement patterns of various animals. Read More What the Camera Trap Caught #1 »

The Monkey Named After a God

Hanuman is a Hindu deity with the face of a monkey and the body of a man. Believed to be a representative of Lord Rama, Hanuman possesses super-human strength. Hanuman was the resourceful general of an army of monkeys serving Lord Rama in rescuing his wife Sita from imprisonment in Sri Lanka. It is said that in one giant leap Hanuman was able to reach Sri Lanka from the mainland of India. Once in Sri Lanka he lit a huge fire distracting the guards and allowing Sita to be rescued. However, the fire was so big that Hanuman burnt his face, which turned black in the process. Read More The Monkey Named After a God »

Five leopards in a single photograph!

“I have worked in some of the best leopard viewing areas in the world, but I have never seen anything like this: a herd of leopards”

The other morning we decided to bite the bullet and get up super early, braving the cold and heading out in search of leopards. We decided to head for the area known locally as Perva. It is a massive granite kopje towering over a tiny village of a couple of hundred people. We wanted to get there whilst it was still dark and before the villagers started their day. Read More Five leopards in a single photograph! »

Humans, leopards and JAWAI

Space: the single largest factor facing conservation today!

As the human population continues to explode, so too do our demands on the land. We, like every animal, require food to sustain ourselves. Being creatures of consumption and excess, the recent years have seen a seemingly uncontrolled expansion of agricultural land and encroachment of humans and their livestock into nearly every corner of the earth. The result has been a drastic reduction in the land available to animals… humans and animals are on a collision course. Around the world you can see countless examples of how human growth, and supposed progress, has come at the expense of the indigenous wildlife. Read More Humans, leopards and JAWAI »

Dinner in Delhi, Breakast in the Bush!

Changing times and tight schedules have meant shorter and shorter safaris. Three days would have been unthinkable back in the day; the norm being at least a couple of months and that too after many months of planning. Today, it is possible to have Dinner in Delhi, and Breakfast in the Bush! Read More Dinner in Delhi, Breakast in the Bush! »