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Discovering SUJÁN: A True Photographers Delight

Author: Robert Postma


The morning is silent save for the hum of my air conditioner in the corner. Inside my tent it’s cool the true sounds of the new day are evident as I turn it off and am greeted by the songs of birds. A new day is dawning. I realize that this is my favourite part of any day. Day break fills me with a sense of the unknown, what will happen today, what will I get to see? A tiger stalking prey through the forest, a leopard searching out a cave to wait the heat of the day away in, perhaps a desert fox playing with its young. One thing for sure is that there will be an amazing sunrise that will take my breath away. Other than that, it’s a surprise here in India. I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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The Tiger by the Lake

Green grass and watery lakes,
Beside the shore and lazy streams,
Long snoozes the Tiger takes.
Do you think the Tiger dreams?

Chirping birds and fishing storks,
Noisy waters made by crocs
The stripes swirl on the bank
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