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Sher Bagh’s Tigers of Ranthambhore – T25

Lithe bodies that flex athleticism in their slightest movement, kohl-lined eyes which bore through your frame and a visage that arrests the most confident onlooker into awe inspired paralysis is the effect these magnificent creatures have on all those who chance upon them. A restrained fierceness is their most potent weapon and you will not want to know what unsheathing it feels like. Zalim, is this week’s feature in the Living Legends of Ranthambhore Series . Read More Sher Bagh’s Tigers of Ranthambhore – T25 »

Supermoon & Tiger Census

The third supermoon of the year is upon us and this one is even going to be a minor lunar eclipse.

A supermoon occurs when the moon, while circling its orbit is closest to the Earth. Hence the giant sized moon. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. When the Moon appears at its biggest it will be just 356,400km (221,457 miles) away, compared to its usual distance from Earth of 384,000km (238,606 miles). Read More Supermoon & Tiger Census »

The Big Cats of the World

Everyone has a dream! The thought of a personal accomplishment that drives them forward. A little something that sits in the back of your mind and ultimately influences your every decision. Some want to be rich and famous, others want to build a house, conquer the highest peaks, sail the seas or have a family… Read More The Big Cats of the World »

The Tigers of Sher Bagh

So I thought that I would just include a couple of pictures I took over my stay at Sher Bagh in an attempt to show not only how beautiful these cats are, but also to convey how well you could potentially see them. Obviously the more time you dedicate to the cause, and the longer you stay for, the more chance you have of a tiger sighting. During my time as a nature guide/game ranger in South Africa I used to tell my guests that the only way to find an animal is to get out into the bush…the same holds true here! The more time in the jungle, the more chance you have of seeing a tiger. A combination of skill, knowledge, patience, persistence and lady luck! Read More The Tigers of Sher Bagh »

My First Tiger!

Those of you who know me, or have read my numerous posts, written from the heart of the Kruger National Park, South Africa, will know that I am a lion man. At the end of 2013 I even managed to have my first iBook published entitled ‘The Lions of Londolozi’. I truly believe that I am part lion. A fascination of their relationships, behaviour, evolution, physique, size and beauty drove me to research and write about a particular pride of lions over a two-year period. Images, sound, film, family trees and text convey the true story of the Lion King! My research directed me towards other texts on big cats worldwide: jaguar, snow leopard, leopard and most impressively the tiger. Read More My First Tiger! »

Not Just another Tiger

The death of Qualji’s reigning tigress Meera (T37) and companion of the area’s formidable male Fateh (T42) was an unexpected and saddening event. The official report of the autopsy is still awaited, nonetheless from statements issued by officials after the post-mortem we believe that the death was caused by multiple organ failure leading to a massive cardiac arrest. Cirrhosis of the liver, excessive fat deposits and a subsequent haemorrhaging of vital organs compounded the problem. No traces of toxins were found in the body. Read More Not Just another Tiger »